The Artist

Mark Harchar studied painting and illustration and receive a degree from the Luzerne County Community College in PA in 2009 with his specialties being graphite drawing and oil painting. Having always been interested in fantastic realism, whether it be comic books, animation, cinema or print, Mark creates works in oil paint using a combination of old master techniques learned in school and modern techniques learned at such workshops as the Illustration Masterclass, training sessions such as Art Out Loud in NYC, conferences like the Illuxcon Fantasy Art Symposium and independent study. His work has shown at the Schulmann and the Quioxtic Galleries (Wilkes-Barre, PA), The Spirit Gallery (New London, CT), Vision Burn Gallery (Scranton, PA), Phillustration (Philadephia, PA), The Collector’s Show at Illuxcon in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2014 and most recently, Nude Nite Orlando, MegaCon and DragonCon. Mark puts his heart, mind and soul into every piece he makes and welcomes every opportunity to create. Mark’s desire to capture emotion, mood and dark beauty in his fantasy figurative work continues each day.

Mark now resides near Orlando, Fl. For commissions, please contact Mark at:

Phone: (570) 239-4443